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New Coach with an established team here. Looking for details on the Drive Base that that we need to opt out or opt in on this week. Team is just getting going this year and we have little returning experience. I think it is from Andy Mark, but which one? Help!


This one (basically):

Highly recommend if your team doesn’t have experience with something else.


The AndyMark kit chassis is great. If you are an established team with a lot of parts on the shelf from previous seasons, you might opt out of the full kit and use the $450 AM voucher to buy just the components you need (inside and outside plates, end plates, wheels) and rest of the voucher to pick up extras or upgrades. My team usually runs the kit chassis, but we select the opt out. We’ve already got plenty of kit belts, spacers, bearings, etc. on the shelf from previous years.

Thanks, that looks very much like the one we currently have. I’ll verify tomorrow.

It will be the 2023 version of the AndyMark 14U family of chassis. It will at least be substantially similar to the one linked above if not identical.

Yeah, if you don’t already know that you want to use a specific custom or alternate system, it’s probably safer to get the kit bot so you know you have all the basic parts for drivebase. My kitbot experience is mostly limited to helping other teams, but it seems like a pretty solid drive base to me.

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