Drive Coach Helper App


During my last comp, I realized it was pretty hard to see where the links are. I was wondering if I developed a simple app to track links for our drive coach, would they be allowed to use it during matches. Basically, can the drive coach use a phone during a match given that it is in airplane mode and cannot be used to wirelessly communicate to anyone


instead of the phone play, you could consider having a screen at the ds which displays links and game pieces on the nodes. They probably dont need to interact with it whatsoever so just a display should be ok.

Use a whiteboard. Having a phone out just invites undue scrutiny


Is there a way to mount a camera to the DS to actually see the area for you? I mean via sightlines. It is definitely possible as far as the tech is concerned.

I am the drive coach for 112 and I noticed the same thing at our first event, specifically with the hybrid nodes. Our team came up with an alternate solution, you can see it here: WildStang Robotics Program: Team 111 and 112 Build Blog - 2023 - #248 by Eliot
I considered a whiteboard or app, but having to shift my attention away from the field is something I want to avoid at all costs. This mirror method lets me and my drive team stay focused on the field while still improving our ability to track links. Plus it gets bonus points for the aesthetic.

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