Drive Coasting

Hey guys my team is currently running two master TalonsSRX and two slave VictorSRX. When we drive during teleopmode, our motors coast. As in when when we let go of the driving joysticks, they still coast forward for a little bit. I know the motors have different modes but I am not sure how they work. If someone can help that would be really nice.

We are using differential drive arcade drive to drive our robot.

With Phoenix-Tuner, you are indeed able to configure the motor controllers between coast and brake mode, as you described. I recommend checking out their documentation on it here:

You may note that when the motor output transitions to neutral, the motors free spin (coast) in the last direction they were driven. If the Talon/Victor is set to “coast” neutral mode, then this is expected. The neutral mode can also be set to “brake” to electrically common the motor leads during neutral, causing a deceleration that combats the spinning motor motion.

its a setting on your talons, you have to set it in code. Not being a programmer thats all i can help you with.

Both of those controllers have a recessed button on them labeled B/C. If that button is lit up, they are in brake mode, dark is coast. Just press the button to switch modes and they remember through power cycles. Coast is the out-of-the-box default and that button is also for the calibration routine if you are using PWM for signalling.


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You have the ability to set the brake coast mode on the controller itself with the button, through the Phoenix tuner, or through your robot program itself. Note that the robot code setting will NOT permanently set the talons, it is per-use only. The tuner and the button will permanently set them so that the state will be remembered when you reboot.

It’s handy to turn off brake programmatically in disabled so you can wheel the robot around and move components easily.

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