Drive control stick is tilted

When trying to drive the control stick is tilted and will only drive straight if you move the control stick to an angle. Looking for any ideas on how to fix this.

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Possibly zeroed incorrectly, try cycling the USB connection while the stick is in the desired neutral position. There is also often a button combo to zero if you can find the instructions for the particular model you’re using. Could also be a mucked up trim adjuster, but they usually don’t work like that on USB flight sticks to put it simply (unless there’s a screwdriver hole for a trim potentiometer).

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Sorry we did not specify correctly we use a Logitech controller F310

I don’t see anything special here:
So try just unplugging and plugging back in, and a reboot. If that doesn’t work you’ll probably need a replacement controller.
This is of course assuming it was working as intended before. If not, look at the joystick position (iirc the DS has a tab for this, or you can use a different program). If it appears centered or reads close to 0,0 when released, your code might be screwy. (2.9 KB) (1.8 KB)
We still have not been able to figure it out. Based off of what you have said it seems like it is a problem with the code, but we can’t figure out what is wrong.

You can verify it’s the controller and not code by looking at the DS axis displays (the little bars for each axis). The bars should be in the center when the stick is centered. If they aren’t, that indicates a controller issue.

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