Drive for Elevator

We ordered the single stage elevator off of andymark and we are modifying it to be a two stage elevator. Does anyone have suggestion on how to drive the lift up?

I would suggest using pulleys. As your first stage raises, the distance of the crossbar will then be farther from the bottom of the elevator. As this distance increases, the second stage will raise.

there are mostly two ways to rig an elevator with a rotating motor. I just googled this off the internet, but you’ll be deciding “cascade” vs. “continuous”. Thanks Bruce, 2471, year 2012.

Also note, elevators can work with air cylinders in the middle, like a forklift. A little like ‘cascade’. I’ve never seen a FRC one this way.

I would suggest looking at 254 from last year. They have a very easy to see system of how their cabling worked.

We are using the 3 stage one from REV and just drive the 2nd stage. The cabling between the stages lifts the 3rd stage on its own. The only difference is that we are using 1/16 in steel cable that is plastic coated to 1/8 in instead of rope.

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There are two main ways of going about this to my understanding. First would be to have a single set of cables run both stage one and two. The other way is to only drive stage one with either cable or chain, then you would have the second stage fixed to the first with a cable going over the top of stage one. Its hard to explain but the Greyt Universal Elevator sold by WCP uses this system and they provide a very detailed cad file. Our team was able to learn a lot from this and I think it’s a great resource.

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