Drive Motors Don't Run in Auto Indpndt

I’ve be troubleshooting my code for a couple hours now to no avail. I’m trying to make my drive motors run by using constants wired into a tank drive vi. After the tank drive vi, the is an error wire running to a watchdog delay and feed. I’ve had motors (not tank drive), limit switches and a relay to work after the motors. The watchdogs that delay the tank drives seem to work because my relay turns on the correct amount of seconds the motors should go for. Any ideas why my tank drive motors won’t drive?

If they do drive in Teleop and not in Autonomous the most likely error is with getting the refnum. Make sure that the refnum you set in begin and the one you get in Autonomous are exactly the same, any spaces in the wrong spot will cause it not to work.

Look at the Diagnostics tab for errors that the auto code may be reporting.

Greg McKaskle

Thank you for the quick reply, I’ll look at any errors it is reporting and I’ll check the refnum name.