Drive motors Turning in Opposite direction. - Standard AM chasis

Deployed code for the first time on Standard AM chassis, Tough Mini Gear box, and 2 CIM motors. The drive motors are fighting each other. We have double checked electrical connections and attempted running a single motor with the same results. Deployed code is command based- using driving code from WPI’s example found on their Github. Any pointers?

Mind clarifying real quick? Are you saying the two motors on 1 side are fighting each other?

Little confused when you say when you run a single motor you get the same result.

Since you are running CIM motors, my suggestion is to quickly reverse the polarity of the CIM that is running the opposite direction. You’re already setting one side to inverted in your code, which is correct, so that should resolve the issue for you quickly.

A quick way to check motors fighting each other is by doing breaker pulls. You can put in one breaker at a time and run your drivetrain to see if its moving in your desired direction.

Not necessarily fighting each other. Awful crunchy sound in 3/4 CIM motors. I ended up running each separately by isolating in the code and only one motor sounds okay and doesn’t chitter.

All of them sound fine when run using a drill to supply electricity to individual motors.

Are they following? We had a similar issue with falcons and it came down to the follow command not working well lately

This tends to point away from a mechanical issue (e.g. reversed gear or binding).
Check that you aren’t setting the voltage twice (to different values) in each loop - this can sometimes cause a similar effect. Also check for loose wiring, both the power and control side.

What motor controllers are you using? What are there LEDs doing?

How did you isolate the motor controllers in your code?

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