Drive Shaft Length?

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Just a quick question about the drive shafts from the Toughbox Micros. We built the drive base, but the shafts are sticking out approx. 1 inch from the edge of the chassis. Should we just cut off the excess or did we assemble it incorrectly?

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  • Team 5421

Can you double check if gear box is assembled correctly? Do wheels turn, is there some friction? With the great box and motor there will be some friction, and it it’s not too hard to turn wheels, power the motor, piles it and see wheel spins and nothing breaks. This means assembly is good. Shaft may be little longer than your drive design, in which case you can trim the length. Double check, double measure before you trim it. If excess length is 1/4" or less, it’s with in tolerance. Just make a dimple in bumper wood to accommodate this extra length.

It seems like andymark sent the wrong shaft size. Thanks!

Vendors have standard sizes, you can order one of those sizes and cut according to your requirements. If the shaft came says a part of kit, still they will send the longer one (that fits the kit configuration) just in case you need it. If they send you shorter one, it serves no purpose. Trimming shaft is not too hard, you can do with hacksaw.

We haven’t assembled our KoP chassis yet, but in general if AndyMark gives assembly instructions you should follow them to the letter. If they don’t say to trim the shaft, you probably don’t need to. Make sure you assembled your chassis correctly (a lot more likely that you assembled the chassis wrong than the gearbox). Double and triple check, then if you still can’t figure it out, call AndyMark. One of the reasons teams order from them even though many parts can be found for slightly cheaper elsewhere is because of their outstanding customer service. For both AM and Vex if you call their customer service number you can usually talk to one of their product engineers within 10 minutes even during build season. See if they can help you figure out your mistake before you cut your shafts and then realize you shouldn’t have and now need to order new shafts.