Drive Station Tabs Disappear in Full Screen

We have a classmate and the two windows of the driver station overlap a bit because the screen isn’t big enough for them both. There is a button on the bottom window to merge the two windows into a full screen mode.

After doing that all we can see on the default driver station on the (what was) the top window is the camera view. The tabs on the left side disappear. If we go back to non-full screen they do not return. The only way to get them back again is either exit/restart the driver station, or choose another view and return to the default view.

Are there going to be updates for the driver station?

Can you check the resolution of the DS laptop? I believe the minimum expected size is 1024x768, and it wasn’t intentionally tested on smaller.

I believe some of the laptops need a driver update before they are able to support that resolution.

Greg McKaskle

Yes. One of our classmates came up with only the default VGA driver and would only work in standard 640x480 until we downloaded and installed some drivers.

OK thanks. I think we have the E12 so I will try that driver and raise the resolution.

We installed the driver but still have a maximum resolution of 1024x600

In Hardware Manager, the driver reads so that is verified

The hardware reads Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3600 Series

I also saw in another thread to hide the bottom toolbar. Unfortunately there is still not enough space for full screen.

This must be a hardware limitation

1024x600 is exactly what it should be.

I also saw in another thread to hide the bottom toolbar. Unfortunately there is still not enough space for full screen.

The Driver Station and Dashboard fill the screen exactly when in “docked” window mode. What are you trying to display that won’t fit? Can you show us a picture?

When we press the full screen button it looks like the picture posted in the first post of this thread. The tabs which were in the top right of the screen on the default smartdashboard are then gone. The camera area continues to function.

The top screen continues to look like this even after it has been taken out of full screen. To fix it, we exit and restart the driver station. Of we switch to another mode (e.g. java, labview…) then back again. Probably the same effect as exit/restart.

The taskbar looks like it’s not set to autohide. it’s pushing up everything on the screen, so the top part of the Dashboard is disappearing off the top.

Set the taskbar to autohide.

We tried that as noted above. It didn’t make enough room. I don’t think there is a solution or there wouldn’t be so many threads started on this all leading to dead ends.

We haven’t time to mess with it now so we will just do without full screen as we have been doing.

Set the taskbar to autohide.

Leave the taskbar set to autohide.

Close the Driver Station program.

Log off the Classmate.

Log back on to the Classmate. Run the Driver Station program again.

Does it still cut off the top of the Dashboard window?

Thanks. I didn’t know I needed to reboot it. That did the trick.

Rebooting was not necessary. Neither was logging off, strictly. All you needed to do was quit and restart the Driver Station and Dashboard programs. But I figured the easiest way to make sure the Dashboard was closed was to have you log off.

Just to clarify, exiting/restarting the driver station didn’t fix the problem before. That is why I made the claim that hiding the toolbar didn’t work for us.

Logging off/on might have worked, I can’t say. Maybe someone else will try this at some point.