Drive Station Velcro

I’ve seen in a Team Update where it is recommended to put velcro on your drive station to attach to velcro already on the area behind the glass. I see in the manual where it says that the fields velcro is the “loop” side. Just to sure they mean that the (for lack of a better term) “fuzzy side” is on the field, and that we should apply the “scratchy side” to our drive station. Correct?

You are correct. You want the “hook” (not fuzzy) side on your driver station.

The loop side is on the aluminum on the field. The Hook Side (scratchy) is goes on your joysticks/computer/board. Make sure you install the hook side in a way that you’ll always be able to stick! ie - 3 perpendicular lines.

Is the velcro on the field a horizontal stripe down the middle?

Yes. Its nominally in the middle. Industrial Grade velcro.

Yes. It does not go the whole way across though, so be warned.

Also be warned if your drive team members like to carry the Operator Console on their heads - hook velcro sticks to hair, especially curly hair or straight hair pulled back into a pony tail. And when it sticks in hair, it’s hilarious/painful.


Tell me about it…

Here’s a picture of the Player Station shelf and Velcro.

Velcro should be put on all drive stations at Hatboro-Horsham I saw at least two drive stations fall off when a robot hit the drive stations during Auto.

Ditto. While I was in queue for a match, I saw one team in Hatboro-Horsham actually had their driver station flip and hit the ground, completely destroying their monitor. Miraculously, the inside of the laptop was functional, and they were still able to drive the robot, albeit with no driver station info. I highly doubt they were able to use it again after that match.

Southfield lost 4-5 driver stations, with varying degrees of success at catching them.

And so the triple autonomous tortuga is born.

Also remember that the hook side is pretty abrasive. One of our drive team who carried our console wore holes in two pairs of pants that way in just one event.