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I’m from team 1772 from Brasil, our kit has not arrived yet and our classmate was stolen last year.
I need to use other computer for Drive Station, bur i don’t have the drive station software to put in the computer.
I want to know:
if the software that Fletch1373 posted in “HELP! - Rookie USB key not in KOP” to download will work in my 2010 robot or i need to have the 2010 drive station for my 2010 robot run?
if i need the 2010 drive station, someone can help us posting the 2010 drive station for i use in a other computer??



To program you’ll have to wait for the new basic installation disks to arrive (late) in your KOP.

For now I’d keep your robot operating with the old 2010 Driver Station.

I understand, my classmate was stolen so I don’t have the 2010 drive station more.

I want to know if someone can post the 2010 drive station here for me that i will can put in other computer and run my 2010 robot for tests.

Thank you.

You mean the blue one

It’s still online here:

Hi -

I am a little bit confused about how to configure another laptop to make as a driver station. I see the link above and have looked through the manuals. I found the driver station update from the KoP website, but couldn’t find the actual driver station install (unless that is the one I am supposed to use?). I searched through the manuals and only found one about how to set up the driver station on the classmate with the new software.

So, the link above has the 2010 driver station update. I install that on a laptop and then how do I update to the 2011 driver station? Do I use the driver station update from the KoP website on

Sorry for so many questions!



This thread and my link have nothing to do with the 2011 season.
The OP was just asking for last year’s Driver Station application.

To install the 2011 Driver Station application on any laptop, you only need the install package here.

Oh, okay! Thanks!

Jason Law

Mark McLeod,

Thank you very much for your help.