Drive System

If you could answer the following concerning the drive system,

  1. What type of drive system (mechanum, omni, ect,) did you you use?

2.What aspect of the game did you design the your drive system around and why?

Our team chose to use a mix of the KOP grey and roughtop plaction wheels to give us some pushing ability, but not to grab the carpet too much. Just wanted to know what the other teams were going with.

  1. We went with a 6 Wheel Drive, with dropped centers, 6" Plaction wheels, and Andymark Supershifters with 2 CIM’S per side. Low gear is around 4fps for torque/pushing power and the other gear is high speed, around 15fps.

  2. We chose this for many reasons. Chief among them, speed of build, simplicity, versatility and field control (Speed and Torque capabilities mean we have control of where we go and we have little to worry with defense). :slight_smile:

For more info, PM me if you are interested in more specs, want to see a copy of the CAD model or drawings.

  1. We went with 4" AndyMark Performance Wheels. Custom 2-speed transmission with a real 4.5ft/s low and 17ft/s high. We’re using the Poof’s amazing chassis (thank you very much 254!).

  2. We designed our drive (and a good chunk of the arm) entirely around speed and a low CG (we have about 1/2" - 3/4" clearance). In fact, our driver’s gotten good enough that he can take a 100% turn at full speed in high with the arm as high as it can be :cool: :smiley:

  1. 8 wheel drive, forgot diameter of our plaction wheels, Andymark Super Shifters for high pushing power low speed gear & high speed gear, and pneumatic cylinders to articulate outside wheels for easy turning or shift gears in the Super Shifters.

  2. We wanted to make BOB able to use pushing power while keeping the ability to move across the field quickly if needed at 12ft/s if I remember correctly. The team decided that the middle of the field will be crowded so pushing power will be used if needed to continue on our path or blocking others’.