Drive Systems

What drive systems are people thinking about using for this game? It looks like a 6 wheel drive will be best (because of the barrier), but I can see ways to use a mecanum or swerve drive (using the bridge).

A lot of teams are going to go mecanum because of the existence of protected zone, but defense will be aggressive in preventing them from getting there.

I can see 4 wheel tank being viable due to the fact it makes getting ground clearance for the bump easier (see 330’s 2010 bot) as well as working on widebody robots.

As with nearly any game, 6 wheel tank is viable and will be the most commonly used drive, and since the kitbot is 6 wheel drop center, FIRST engineers thought it could play the game.

I’m curious if anyone is going to try to build a drive train to actually circumvent the barrier. The only things I can think of to do that would be either rather large wheels or a tread drive (after actually seeing the barrier, normal wheels will likely be an “improbability” :)). Then again, the rules are strict enough in regard to passing over the balance boards (G25, G28, G29) that I doubt there will be a need to go over the barrier. Our team has been developing a 6-wheel drive system that we are pretty happy with, because of the increased mobility over the 4-wheel. However, 4-wheel drives will have a fine time navigating the field as well, I think.

Our team is thinking along the lines of above, but i’m not going to say how much of above :smiley:

I’ve come up with about 5 or 6 different ways to climb over the 4 inch tall barrier. Are the biggest wheels allowed this year 8 inches? I couldn’t find anything in the “The Robot” section of the manual. If so, then I instantly have another half dozen solutions.

We have a way through them. :slight_smile: How? Watch SVR in 11 weeks and find out!

If you can’t find a rule restricting wheels, then wheels should be considered unrestricted. Have at it.

You could always ask the GDC to be certain, but I can only think of one wheel restriction rule (back in '09).

Our team is also coming up with ways to jump the bump, but I’m actually surprised that people think mecanum will be used by a lot of teams. HDPE floors? Bumps? Bridges? Those will not be nice to your poor Swiss wheels.

Have 2 pneumatic cylinders between the front and middle wheels, pointing down. Then, at the press of a button, the shoot out for a second and come back in, lifting your robot into the air, and giving it room to get over the bump.

Who are you, Speed Racer? Do you also have cutter blades, a bulletproof canopy and a homing pigeon? Oh no, the homing pigeon is like a minibot! Arrrrrrghfuuuuuu!

I think octocanum with barrier assist sounds about right for this one… :smiley:

Wouldn’t lifting the robot violate the bumper height rule?

I wondering how people are expecting to get the Bridge down from its nuteul position. Any thoughts??

Little t-rex arms in the front of the robot.

Depends on how high you lift the chassis.

Also, you’d need to be careful of ‘articulating’ bumpers.

What is the bumper height restriction this year. I see nothing in the specs.

R01, blue box

[R01] see the whole rule as trimmed for content… The Frame Perimeter of a Robot is defined by the outer-most set of exterior verticies on the Robot that are within the Bumper Zone, which is between 2 and 10 in. from the floor. Minor protrusions no greater than ¼ in. such as bolt heads, fastener ends, and rivets are not considered part of the Frame Perimeter.

To determine the Frame Perimeter, wrap a piece of string around the Robot at the level described in [R02]. The string describes this polygon.

Note: to permit a simplified definition of the Frame Perimeter and encourage a tight, robust connection between the Bumpers and the Frame Perimeter, minor protrusions such as bolt heads, fastener ends, rivets, etc are excluded from the determination of the Frame Perimeter.

Why this isn’t in the bumper section i’ll never know.

EDIT: Howdy neighbor! :slight_smile:

Please see:
Bumpers may not be articulated.

Exactly why I mentioned it :wink:

May our 14" mechanism expand in the bumper zone outside the robot?