Drive Team Actions during Autonomous

Is there anything that would restrict the Drive team members from helping to move the totes from their starting configurations to close to the Human Player Zone during the autonomous period with the human players?

Possible Applicable Rules:

In rule G32, it explicitly states:
During a MATCH, the ROBOT shall be operated solely by the DRIVERS and/or HUMAN PLAYERS of that Team.
I read this as the Human Players can drive the robot using the controller at the alliance station.

In Rule G30 it states:
DRIVE TEAM members must remain fully within the ALLIANCE STATION for the duration of the MATCH, unless for personal
VIOLATION: FOUL. If strategic, RED CARD for the entire ALLIANCE.
In the glossary, the Alliance Station is defined as:
ALLIANCE STATION – the area behind the ALLIANCE WALL which contains the three (3) PLAYER STATIONS and two (2) HUMAN PLAYER
ZONES and bound by the edges of the carpet and white tape.
This means the drive team can be anywhere in the area.

In a rule update, rule G5 was updated to say:
G5 Only one ALLIANCE member may be in each HUMAN PLAYER ZONE, in contact with elements of that HUMAN PLAYER STATION, or in the HUMAN PLAYER ZONE
and in contact with the the elements of that HUMAN PLAYER STATION, at a time.
The human player zones are defined as:
The Red and Blue HUMAN PLAYER ZONES are located on each end of the FIELD, behind the ALLIANCE WALLS and each are bounded
by the edge of the carpet, the HUMAN PLAYER STATION, the STARTING LINE, and White gaffers tape.
This means that you can have multiple alliance members in the far zone where the drivers must start at the beginning of the match.

Q27. Can a human player move litter or totes during Auto? If yes, can human players cause litter or totes to enter a human player zone during Auto as long as said player doesn’t cross the starting line?
A. There are no rules that prevent HUMAN PLAYERS from moving TOTES or LITTER once a MATCH begins (even in AUTO) or moving TOTES or LITTER in to the HUMAN PLAYER Zone, provided no one from the DRIVE TEAM crosses the STARTING LINE.

Q284. During Autonomous Period, are human players allowed to push stacks of totes into the human player zone as long as they themselves do not cross the starting line?
A. We believe this has been addressed in Q27 . Please feel free to ask with additional detail if that does not answer your question.

Q310. As of Q27 you said “as long as no DRIVE TEAM crosses the starting line” does this mean that the starting line is also a infinite tall line or are we allowed to place the totes over the line without touching the floor (e.g reaching over the line to place totes as far as we can reach without touching the floor)
A. No, the STARTING LINE is not projected vertically. If it helps, think of it as a starting line on a track - as long as contact with the floor is behind that line, your nose, hands, etc. may be in the space beyond the line.

Provided the Coach doesn’t help, no.

But… bear in mind that if they’re caught napping by the end of automode, they’re going to have to make a mad dash that’s longer than 2’ to get to their controls.