Drive Team T-shirts

Our team has been looking for mechanic style shirts for either our drive team or our mechanical team. We’d like to have our sponsors on the back and then name stitched on the front on one side with maybe our team logo on the other side. Where have other teams purchased these from? How much have these cost?

I’m not sure if they have the exact ‘mechanic’ look you are looking for, but customink is our go-to custom shirt vendor. They typically run at 10 - 15$ / shirt when we bulk order them for our team.

Google **pit shirt **and you’ll have plenty of options on the first page. We got ours from a local vendor, and printed like that. It’s shown in my previous WAI photo.

Find something your drive team can be comfortable in and perform well in if that is an objective your team has. We had the mechanic shirts for 2 years until the drive team (at the time, my self included) decided that those shirts had a really great ability to trap heat and keep it there. Drive team now wears team t-shirts with fire-color-spectrum pants to separate themselves from those of us in green pants or jeans.

Thanks for the replies, I think we’re gonna go with the custom ink ones. Good Luck at your regionals!

Our drive team gets hats to distinguish themselves. Usually we pick early enough so they can get their names on them and choose the style hat.