Drive Team Test/Application

I’ve been assigned the task of creating a drive team test. This test includes all the human player jazz so how would I go about making this… Any ideas?

You’ll want to make sure that some rules at least are included. There are a number of potential cards that can be earned by Pilots or the rest of the drive team–you really don’t want to get nothing out of a match because your Pilot jumped off the Airship for a second time.

Check out this thread it may help spur some idead :smiley:

I can PM my rules test to you if you want (I just don’t want to post it so teams can use it as a test without students seeing it). Otherwise, this document ( outlines 2876’s procedures.

Could PM me as well? That would be very helpful thanks.

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Ill like that aswell :smiley:

Sent! Anyone else, please PM me if you want a copy.

Here is another auto graded game test(just scroll to where it says “Game Test”).

I would probably give a standard Game Test (there are many out there and I’m sure most of them will do the job well) and supplement with driver specific questions about fouls, etc.

I’ve PM’d you a couple of times, is there any way you could send me a copy as well? My contact info was sent in the PM.

Thank you VERY much!

Make sure that the students know the rules of the field and competition. You don’t want to draw any violations. I think a written part testing their knowledge of the rules, field, and basics would be a good idea. Another important part to include would be a field test. You want to get the fastest time possible. Finally, make sure they don’t crack under pressure. When hundreds of people are watching you do something very important to the game, you need to make sure that they feel comfortable and in control on the field, or in the airship. Hope I was able to help.

Sorry about the delay, I had a few exams and blocked CD for a few days. About to send it out.