Drive Team Tests

This year I decided to go out for drive team, my team has never had to give tests before but there are so many people interested they have to now. I’ve been studying sections 2,3,4, and 5 of the manual and taking practice quizzes that I found online. Is this enough? What did your drive team test consist of? How did you study for it? (screaming internally) Thanks!

I’m going to be taking my test within the next few hours. Something to keep in mind may be a stressful situation you’ve been in, and how you handled it. This can help assess how good you are under pressure and improvisation.

Well, you prepared way more than I did… Drivers also are tested on the robot to see how capable they are. Play some racing games, I guess? I’m just not very coordinated so I never made it as a driver. :yikes: Best of luck!

We don’t have a test specifically for drive test but one that encompasses the entire pit crew, drivers included. The students have to know the game rules, tourney rules, robot specifications, team/FIRST history, etc.

Drivers are also tested in practical applications for both driving and accomplishing game-specific tasks. We try to simulate competition by timing them and creating distractions such as defense with previous robots, music, etc. Whoever can handle those while achieving game tasks effectively usually get considered.

*If your team does not yet have a proven philosophy and process for selecting a Drive Team and Drive Coach, Karthik gives some very solid advice. Well worth watching even if you already have a process.

Select your Drive Coach first

Then select your Driver Team Driver Qualities Drive Coach Qualities Selecting a Drive Team

If you’re interested, Team 610 created a Rules Quiz on day 2 of Build Season that every team member had to write in order to participate in Strategy talks. The quiz covers most game concepts, including some score addition and rulings in scenarios.

I would be happy to send it to you for reference if you PM me with your email.