Drive Team Written Test of the Game?

Good luck to all teams this season!!

I may be a little early but thought I would ask. Has anyone out there made a written drivers test in ensure the drive teams’ understanding of the game. If so would you be so gracious to share.

Thanks for all you do!

I can assure you that’s a no. Usually those are not around until week 3 or 4.

Back when I wrote quizzes, I would try to have them by the end of kickoff weekend. I don’t think I’m going to do one this year though.

Our team will have a 25 question quiz live on our website tomorrow. We wrote a quiz last year that ended up being used by over 50 teams. We wanted to do a little bit more fancy version this year and have all of the software stuff done we just wanted to wait a little to digest the rules before finalizing the questions.

I see the test on your website:

But it is asking me for a password to see it. Are you guys keeping it only for your team this year? Or are you just waiting for a later date to release it?

Last year they started popping up around Week 1-2…

Team 610 has a Rules Test that EVERY team member must pass in order to participate, and the questions cover everything from important field object dimensions to scoring math to some basic mechanical questions (bumps, working air pressure.

As they’re currently writing the test, I can’t post it now, but I would be happy to send it around via PM when all members have passed, probably by tomorrow or Tuesday at the latest.

If you’re interested, toss me a PM with your email and we can talk.

Working on it.

But we’re kind of busy today parsing the game and building the play field.

The whole team is getting tested on the rules on Tuesday.

I’m lead on drive team and I don’t even understand the rules fully yet so I wouldn’t stress my students out by having a test. I already went through a selection process in the off season though.

Our test is now live! Check it out here:](

Why is team number required? I just submitted my team number and nothing happened.

That was a pretty good quiz. I would have liked to see which answers I got wrong though at the end.

Waiting for your tests has always been worth it.

I’ve used them for regular and off season driver training the last few years. PM me if you need somebody to do answer-checking/QA again.

We are trying to do tracking so that we can see if this is getting used and measure that impact to show our school, sponsors, and others.

Hey any chance I can get the questions and answers seperatley? I want to administer the test on pen and paper. (Dosen’t have to be right away, I doubt many people on my team will read the rules till 2 or 3 weeks in, i don’t plan on administering it till than).

Love the link for the online test and thanks for putting it together. Would anyone be so kind as to share a paper copy for a drive team. It sure would help.
Thanks for all you do.

Here’s one that our awesome team captain wrote up. I’ll only send out the key to mentors if requested.

Edit: Here is the link to the thread for both versions of the test with the keys! Do you know the rules? - Rules/Strategy - Chief Delphi

Team Neutrino - FIRST Stronghold Rules Test #1 Final.pdf (134 KB)

Team Neutrino - FIRST Stronghold Rules Test #1 Final.pdf (134 KB)