Drive train chart

Ok I’m trying to find the drive train spec chart that was in the KOP in 2007 and/or 2008. It was mainly black and it had 4 color coded grids that showed the current draw based on how many CIM motors you used in your drive train and what percentage of the robots weight was on the drive wheels. It also gave a list of robot top speeds with respect to gear ratio and wheel.

If anyone has a digital copy, or know about this sheet please let me know.


This one?

Otherwise, if that table doesn’t fit your needs, then JVN’s Mechanical Design Calculator might help. Personally, I’ve used it to check that my own designs will work. It’s pretty spiffy and can give you exact numbers if you’re interested.

Thank you

Mark that was exactly what I was looking for thank you
and in all my searching I found Mr. JVN’s calculator and it looks really handy