Our team is having difficulty thinking of the right chasis design, drive train, and wheel type… Any ideas? I know this is very broad, but I’m curious on your ideas and plans.

I think having large wheels would be a big advantage in getting over the bump. My team is looking at having 10in pneumatic wheels.

How many wheels? How many gearboxes? What do you think would be most advantageous?

I think it would be most advantageous to only have one thread on this topic, instead of two. As the thread creator, you have the option to delete a thread for a certain amount of time.

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4 wheels, preferably on a wide base. That way you can stil get over the bump, and if you go on the bridge there’ll be more room for a second or third robot. As far as gearboxes im not sure.

We were thinking about having a wide wheel base with either 4 or 6 wheels. Some of the team wants casters, but i dont feel like it would do well getting over the ramp… your thoughts?

Casters? what are those?

They are similar to the front wheels on shopping carts. They are unpowered, and turn freely. I dont know how to describe it otherwise. Google might be able to help more…

You find them on the bottom of some chairs, like office chairs. If you find them on the bottom of your robot, you should remove them in favor of omni wheels.

What Eric said, a cheaper version of omnis would be using 2009 slick wheels from AM at only $6.

Ya we were talking about using those wheels, but we decided they wouldnt work well, especially on the ramp.
Thanks for the Post

Check out FRC Designs for FIRST Robotic designs ideas. Their Drives Page has some great ideas from robots that have been used in the past! I hope this helps!


Depends what wheels you pair them with. We swapped two traction wheels out for the am slick wheels on our 6wd drivebase in the fall and had increased maneuverability. What base are you looking at?

Good luck!

Ohhhhhh, yeah know I know what you’re talking about. Just never heard them called that before haha.

Well we werent sure at that point. We are discussing totally new ideas now. But thank you. :slight_smile:

Thank you! That helps a lot.