Drive train help

Our team is brand new to mecanum wheels and we need help with how they act on the field. what we need the most help with is how they will react with the boundaries, will they be able to get over the boundaries easily or will we get stuck? and any other information would be nice as well we really need it.

Please don’t use mecanum wheels this year, it will make your season worse and there’s no reason to use them this year.

Edit: to be more clear, they won’t react well with the boundaries.


what would you suggest we use?

Use the kit of parts drive. It’s simple, goes together fast, and is very durable. It also gives you more time for drive practice which is the most valuable asset in a FRC season.


If you got the KOP (Kit of Parts) Drivetrain, stick to that. It’ll be a lot better than mecanum,

ok i will bring that up to my team then

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It depends on your size of mecanums, last year my old team used 8in and we were able to get over the boundaries that are about the same size easily. However I dont think mecanums are all that useful this year I’d talk to your team

the only issue we have with standard wheels is lining up for stuff like a hang how would you suggest we fix this issue, just more practice?

Just more practice, the bar is long so you shouldn’t have much issue just turning and a re aligning

There is absolutely no situation when, all else being equal, I would prefer to choose a mecanum bot over a kit chassis with higrips.


I’d recommend laying tape down the length of the bar and seeing how well your drivers can line up, we did this with an old KoP drive and aligning to a desired locations was pretty easy

we are planning to grab in the middle so that if needed we can hang and balance on our own so we need to line up the hooks so that it fits between the bar in the middle. would something like a camera help with that as well

alright i will talk to the drive captain about this tomorrow thank you

what team are you from?

Yes a camera would help, also you there is a black divider there so you just need to drive over close to your spinner and line up outside the boundaries with that black divider

Was from 3635, moved to 7905 this year

alright thank you and good luck this year

You too, good luck with your climb!

I should mention with using a camera you can draw a line on the camera display window so your drivers can put that line on the black divider for an even easier time

alright thank you i will also bring that up next meeting