Drive train help

ill just say that you really shouldnt have any issue using mecanums. if you get some hefty larger wheels they wont have much issue with the barrier. just dont go at it full speed continuously. and make sure your base has enough clearance to not get stuck. theres always plenty of advantages to a drive train to move more than just forward and back and turning. make a pros and cons list with your team. dont base entire team decisions off the opinions of a couple people on delphi. delphi is always a good source for experience but some people have different experiences and opinions tend to differ a lot. choose what the entire team agrees will be best for them. ill say we’ve already tested a mecanum base with a good bit of weight on it and had zero issue with the barrier.

you have tested it on the new barriers? because they look different than last year

The problem with mecanums in this years game is that there will be a lot of traffic/defense because people will be going across the field. You also run into the issues of the bump which you could solve with bigger mecanums, but even then mecanums don’t usually handle bumps very well in my experience

so when you say they dont handle it well are you saying that they can break? because of the bumps

i thought cameras were not allowed this year for driving in general.

where did you see that rule?

Cameras are allowed, but you are limited to the bandwidth allowed by the fms in the rules

theyre the same. i checked manual from last year. both are 1⅛" thick

how many cameras can you usually run without issues

I mean if you are driving really reckless over the bumps it could happen, but the biggest fear I have is being pushed around in this years game so that’s why I would personally stay away from mecanums

It depends how you go about it because there are ways to compress and decompress the video to have multiple cameras. If you go off the default just shuffleboard or smartdashboard view I would say you could get two with no issues maybe three, but just make sure you change the resolution so that you aren’t using as much bandwidth… you can also limit the FPS as well

we have also always had a problem of it drifting to the right every time that we drive do you know what could cause that?

We used a simple aiming guide (not a camera) in 2017. Our driver was able to get lined up with his target smoothly, and consistently well before reaching the target with less than an hour of practice after it was installed.

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Is this with a mecannum drive train or a normal tank/KOP chassis?

R u talking drifting while using mecanums

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