Drive train odometry simulation

I’ve been looking into using the robot simulator built into wpilib and I’ve been attempting to follow this tutorial: Drivetrain Simulation Tutorial — FIRST Robotics Competition documentation but my team is using NEOs which don’t seem to be supported by the EncoderSim class in wpilib.
from wpilib:

// These represent our regular encoder objects, which we would
// create to use on a real robot.
private Encoder m_leftEncoder = new Encoder(0, 1);
private Encoder m_rightEncoder = new Encoder(2, 3);

// These are our EncoderSim objects, which we will only use in
// simulation. However, you do not need to comment out these
// declarations when you are deploying code to the roboRIO.
private EncoderSim m_leftEncoderSim = new EncoderSim(m_leftEncoder);
private EncoderSim m_rightEncoderSim = new EncoderSim(m_rightEncoder);

has anyone been able to use the robot simulator with the NEO built-in encoders?

REV has some limited documentation on simulation.

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