Drive Train Problem

Recently I witnessed a very “unique” case with the base of my robot. When running the programming, only one side of the base moved, however, when I changed the programming and returned to the first one, both worked normally. Could someone try to help me understand this problem?

It’ll help if you share your code!

What motor controllers is your drivetrain using?

Spark Max

robotDrive.arcadeDrive(xbox.getRightX()/1.4, xbox.getLeftY()/1.4);

If I’m reading this code correctly, you’re setting the speed to be the left/right axis of the right stick, and the rotation to be the up/down axis of the left stick. Is this what you intended?

Could you explain a little more about what worked as expected and what didn’t work as expected? How you moving the sticks? What is the robot doing?

You should not be setting idle mode and inversion in teleopPeriodic. Those belong in robotInit.


The Joystick movements are in error, but the robot is moving correctly, LeftY is back and forth and RightX is turning.
The Idle commands and reversals were really the problems, after some tests I realized that was what was causing the problem.
Currently everything is fine, thank you very much for everything.

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