Drive train stuttering


How much voltage are you using, I would say try to when the robot is moving and stuttering listen to your PDP. I know that sound weird but the breaker may be going of and turning on then repeating this process because you are drawing to much power. Just a suggestion feel free to ignore this if you want.


Sounds like your robot is entering brownout protection. Check your DS logs for voltage and current data to identify the cause. Causes in order of frequency in what I’ve observed:

-Loose power connection
-Gearing drivetrain too fast
-Bad battery
-Uncharged battery
-Lack of software current limiting


It may be a bad battery, especially if you are using the KOP battery from this year (2019). It may seem fine, even when checked with a battery beak, but does not hold up under high loads. We have moved on from the KOP battery and are working on implementing a testing procedure. Also, it may be as simple as connectors on the battery itself, be sure the flat plate of the powerpole connector is firmly (read super tight) against the flat plate of the battery terminal, use locknuts and ditch the hardwear included with the battery.