Drive Trains-help

I’m a freshman in high school and new to FIRST Robotics. I’m trying to learn about drive trains. What kinds of drive trains are there and what are their benefits and drawbacks?

This is perfect for you.

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On my team’s whitepapers page there is a PowerPoint that goes over drive systems as well. It doesn’t go into as much depth as Madison’s, but it covers a larger number of permutations of the same basic designs (ie. wide and long four-wheel drives have different pages giving specific info on each). It also has a little bit more on omnidirectional systems. Note: if you are planning a drive system, our paper is probably not the paper for you. It is more of a rapid tour through FIRST drive systems and is probably more appropriate for quickly teaching a strategy/scouting team about the behavior of various drive systems than designing them.

Here is another one from the whitepapers.


FIRST Robotics Canada has great galleries in their resources page. Just scroll down and click on the link that you are interested in.