Drive Victors not Responding in Autonomous

Drive victors are not responding in autonomous. They work for about half a second and then they disable. The drive victors are fine in teleopertated though. It is only the drive victors not responding in auton. (all other ones are fine) We are using labview.

Can you post your code so that we can take a look at it?

Could you be specific what you mean by “disable” in this context?

What is the Vic’s LED doing? What does your DS say the PWM signal to the Vic is set to?

It sounds like you might be tripping the motor safety. Seeing your code would help confirm whether you are updating the motors often enough to avoid tripping the motor safety.

Has your autonomous worked in the past?

I ask because coding autonomous in LabVIEW is not like teleoperated. Teleoperated is encapsulated in a loop external to the VI so that the code is repeated over and over.

Autonomous is not encapsulated in a loop. So if you want it to loop, you have to add your own with your code inside of it. Without that loop, your code will execute once then stop.

That’s my first ‘guess’ at what your trouble might be. Any chance you can post your code?

I would first suggest unplugging all the PWMs and putting them back in. Just do it, even if it doesn’t make any sense, the connectors on victors are like black magic. A few questions:

  1. When you say ‘disabling,’ what do you mean? What does the signal light show?
  2. What version of the Victor are you using? We had similar troubles with the 884.
  3. Have you made any recent changes anywhere in code?
  4. Do you have one loop running at the same time as another, and the other is taking priority?