driver, a team, b team.

is anyone going to swap out drivers during the rounds, like an a team and a b team

We haven’t yet been able to find the A-team, but if we do… well, I pity the fool.



Anyways, I do know of a few teams that switch out drivers during the regionals.

Team 171 has its 2 drivers and robocoach picked out. We may swap the robocoach around during the regional but I am assuming the drivers are staying the same.

Not this year. Tipically we’ve found it better to have the same drive team out there as much as possible, they get to know other teams drivers better, they get more experence and create possible alliance parings. Its easier for other teams to scout a consistant robot. We do have a back up “B Team” in case of illiness or other problems…

we have 3 divers/operators and all 3 of us will rotate, I dont like the Idea, but i gotta live with it.

1 drive team where roles are defined and not changed usually yields a better performing drive team and robot.

Rotating drive team members includes more students and can be more fun but yield a less successful performing robot.

Each style has its own pros and cons.

121 has a primary and secondary team. Secondary is ready to go if someone on primary becomes ill or has to leave. You never know if the food at the restaurant the entire drive team is at will give them food poisoning. We learned that one the hard way…

330 learned the hard way that you need two students who can drive the robot at the event. (Driver sick in 2002) Since then, another team has been found, but I hope that they’re training new drivers, because both of them will graduate after this season. When they first started, we had two drivers, one as primary and the current one as backup. That lasted until about L.A., when the roles switched.

I think the best way to do it is a first string, second string thing. Reason being that other teams are going to be scouting you and selecting you based on your consistency. Backup drivers are great, but being unpredictable means less chance of being selected because your performance can’t be anticipated. That being said, you always need more than 2 people who know how that thing drives. Especially if you live up north, people have this strange tendency to get sick when it’s like… 20 below 0…

We have an A-team and a backup team just in case someone gets hurt or really tired…always have a backup plan.!

we have a team a and b and a c team if both are unable to drive

We’ll have two base drivers for sure and probably a back up arm driver it’s always a good idea to have a backup trained so there not shocked if they have to go in. Were lucky to have our A team this year as they have a lot of experience and competition savvy as operators.

In the past we have had two teams. But this year only the three people with experience on our team wanted to do it. So this year we have 1 driver, 1 operator, and 1 robocoach.

we have a rotating system if someone were to get sick. like we have 4 people trained. driver codriver and robocoach and a back up robocoach so if the driver becomes sick the codriver takes the driver and the robocoach becomes codriver and the back up becomes robocoach.