Driver control panel

I’ve been charged with constructing my team’s control panel to contain the computer and joysticks, and I’m wondering if there are any major dimension constraints. I’ve heard that it cannot be more than 1’ long in a certain direction, but I have been unable to find such a rule.

I currently have a 20x30x3 5/8" wood box built. I can cut it down if necessary.

[R82] says that you’re OK on the length, but you’re going to have to cut the 20" down to 12".


The Operator Console must not exceed 44 in. long by 12 in. deep  (excluding any items that are held or worn by the Drivers during the  Match).

I have seen operator consoles that are deeper than the shelf is (12"), and no one has seemed to mind, granted 20" is a bit much. There is velcro on the shelves, so putting the “hook” side on the bottom of your operator console is worth your while, especially if the whole box is SLIGHTLY deeper than the shelf.

^Ditto on the Velcro. I’ve seen entire control boards fall off the shelf during matches.