Driver etation ethernet port 2 died!

Just recently Ethernet Port 2 on our driver station refuses to work. The cables have been tested, devices swapped, and troubleshooted. We are beginning to think that ESD is to blame. We need another driver station before competition.

Does anyone know where we can buy a replacement? If you know that there is a fix, WHICH DOES NOT REQUIRE SOLDERING, please sound off.

You can buy a replacement from AndyMark. You can not fix it- even if you could fix it rules prevent you from using it.

Thank you. We looked on andymark first but must have missed it.

You can always use Ethernet Port 1 instead of Port 2. Everything should still work the same.

Not sure about the legality of swapping ports.

If it just broke and you know that you didn’t do anything to make it stop working, you should probably contact FIRST ([email protected]).

Our ETH2 port broke off of the board (but still functioned) after a about a month of standard use. We contacted them & they sent us a new Driver Station in the mail, and the broken one is just about to go back.

There have been other reports of ETH2 problems on the control system forums so it seems that there are some issues with them.

You can fix this problem by plugging your laptop into port 2 of your router. All of the ports are just network switches so they work interchangeably. The only exception is port 1 of the router. The DS must be plugged in here or it won’t communicate with the robot.

PS: Our team is using C++ so this solution might not work with LabView, as the communication protocols might be different.

That’s not a fix. It’s a temporary workaround that will be unavailable to the team during competition. A fully functional Driver Station is necessary in order to use a Dashboard PC during a competition match.