Driver interface

I thought I read in FIRST Q&A that it was alright to build your driver interface after the six week robot build period :confused: Because now there is a question that says NO we can’t.
Am I correct or way off base?
We have been spending all our time building and debugging our bot.

Wayne Doenges
CAD Mentor

The OI and control panel IS NOT shipped with the robot.

That’s true, but the issue is whether or not building a control box after the 22nd is allowed under the new Fix-It Window rules. I thought (and hoped) it was, but he seems to be saying that Q&A says it is not. Wayne, can you clarify where you heard that we can’t do that?

Fret not, you can get this done super fast, I have put together robot controls in as little as a few hours.

If you stick with a simple piece of wood or lexan, and velcro down the joysticks you can do it all without any cusotm wiring and get by with a few joysticks and the OI. Just attach the radio modem, hook up all the wires, make sure the code works with the controls, and VWAHLA! super awesome, yet simple control system. You can always tweak it later, and make it look awesome or add custom controls later, but it never hurts to start with the basics.

This is the Q&A Question ID#:1614

**Q:**Are teams allowed to work on their OI- namely mount joysticks, build switches, etc- after the fix-it window?

But then this is found in the Robot Transportation Section 6 of the manual:

FIRST will allow you to keep **all **of your robot controls (Operator Interface, OI power supply, joysticks, etc.)and not ship it with your robot on Tuesday, 2/22/2005. This will allow you to continue to work on your programming. If you decide not to ship it with your robot, please remember to bring it to your initial competition. FIRST does not have replacement controls.


FIRST was asked about a similar contridiction, I think that the same rules would apply:

Reference used by above:

Which would mean that you would be allowed to build it, but you would have to do it again at the competition…

The fix-it window includes time after the ship date (or am I totally confused?) but not all time after the ship date.


I think your right, unless I am misinterpretting you:
FIX-IT-WINDOWS – The 48-hour period following the deadline for shipping the robot, or following the close of a regional competition, in which parts may be manufactured in preparation for future competitions. During the FIX-IT WINDOWS, software for either the robot or operator interface may be developed without restriction.