Driver meeting at Cage Match

This is suppose to be a drivers meeting but if you look closely everyone is paying attention But me (Red Hoodie).

Yeah, about that…I was not at the driver meeting, but i had a team member give me the scoop on what was going on. I was secretly trying to sneak our old autonomous mode (vision system) back onto the bot. But then our mentor said dont push our luck when we asked him if we should do it or not. And then of course a giant black hole opened up outside the building and slowly started sucking in our technology/utilities one by one. First it was the Computer system, then 1/2 the lights, (its a good thing i did not put on the vision system, good call chris), then the sound system. But by the end of the day the giant black hole gave us back our utilities and everything all in all went pretty well.

p.s. I still wanted to knock off 2 balls in autonomous with that vision system!