Driver/Operator Control Board

I’m not sure if this is the right category to put this in, but…
On the board where the Joysticks and the Classmate are supposed to be attached, the area where the Driver and Operator will drive and operate the robot, are we going to connect to the robot wirelessly or are we going to be using an ethernet connection at competitions?

Basically I am asking if I should have our router mounted on the board or not.

I don’t know what that board is called, so i was not able to search for it.

See <R58>, <R84>, and <R87>

So the router is allowed, but if the classmate is going to be connected to the arena ethernet cable, wouldn’t the router on the wireless bridge be useless?

That’s not how I read <R87>.

oh i thought it said that the router and the stop button was not included in the KoP(which i thought was weird).

Thanks for the clarification!