Driver Staition Problem

when were trying to deploy any LV program to the robot the driver station sends the messege “Watchdog not fed”
we alreayd installed all the updates for the driverstation and software and we have no clue what to do. we cant check the program on the robot.
if anyone know how to fix this we will appricciate that.

if you have changed the original program (simple robot) then you might of not connect the watch dog right. try reloading the basic program and downloading it

well in the 8.6.1f3 i thought that we dont need watchdog at all.
we also tried to do it with watchdog and we connected it like we always did in every year and it still make us problems.

If it says watchdog not fed you have not gotten rid of all the watchdog VIs.
Check all the “user” code in the project window

what do you meen by “user” files?