driver station and cRIO firmware update help

im just new to the competition so please bare with any nooby questions.

i have hit a little snag when updating the driver station and the cRIO.
i did what the instructions told and stuck the downloaded .BIN file on a flash drive in the top directory and put it in the driver station and then let it update. I also when to put the team number on by press and holding the middle button with no luck. Then we downloaded the cRIO update .zip file and extracted and installed the update for labview. When i use the frc cRIO imaging tool, the update seem not to work as it still says cRIO labview V1.
Well im stuck at this part and need to make up the time we lost to the snow storms we had here.

I will try to help. I just updated ours the other day.

you will want to follow the instructions from here:

start with Chapter 3 “component datasheets”

On ours we were not able to set our team number until after the update…

  1. you will need the .bin file for the DS.

make sure you rename it to “DSUD_PKG”. Remember on a default WinXP installation file extensions are hidden by default, so if you renamed the file “DSUD_PKG.BIN” it may actually be named “DSUD_PKG.BIN.BIN” in reality.

  1. unplug the DS, insert the USB flash drive, and continue with the instructions. If it doesn’t work again you may need to try a different flash drive.

as for the cRIO you will probably want this update for labview. It is supposed to have the latest image update for the cRIO too. Just install it, and then try the cRIO updater thing again…