Driver Station can't communicate to the cRIO

Hello all,

I have been having a problem communicating to the driver station from a laptop to the cRIO. I am using an ethernet cable hooked up to port 1 straight from my laptop (I have checked the IP settings), and no matter what I do, there is not communication to the robot (the no robot communication thing goes up). I have downloaded code onto the robot through the same laptop. The Enet link light is up when I go to the diagnostics tab, and the Radio sometimes blinks green but immediately goes grey then. Is anyone else having this problem? The Status light only flashes orange after rebooting and then goes off. The power light is the only one that stays on. Any solutions?

Check two things. First, make sure you don’t have any other network interfaces active (though if the IP address and default gateway are actually correct, that shouldn’t be a problem). Second, turn off all firewalls.

The IP i set my computer at was and all firewalls allowed the connection. I have to check my default gateway still (I can’t remember if i left that field blank or not). According to FIRST, the Default Gateway is, right?

I usually leave my default gateway blank

Also 2 things

  1. you shouldn’t have to use an Ethernet to connect to the robot it should all be wireless with the d link router being one the robot

  2. make sure that one the back of the d link the switch is switched to bridge mode if you are using ethernet ap mode for wireless (side note-competition will be using bridge mode)

wireless doesn’t work as well, I’m in AP mode on the D-link router. What I’m doing right now is using ethernet straight to the cRIO port 1, not going through DLink. I’m going to put a serial cable with console out on and see the boot file output through puTTY and post that on here if it helps. I may as well take the cRIO out and clean it.