Driver Station can't reconnect after robot power cycle

We currently have our software on 2 different laptops so that we will always have a backup in case one fails or someone is missing. As a result, each laptop is running slightly different code, I doubt this is important, but who knows? One laptop is able to connect to the robot, even after a power cycle, while the other has to restart to connect.

Both laptops are running Version 19.0 of the driver station and the roboRIO is up-to-date. The software is the same, just some pieces are commented out. For example, one might have out climb commented out while the other is missing out arm, none of the core code. Is anyone else having this issue, and if so, have you found a solution?

The robot code on each computer should not affect the ability to connect. Are there any differences in DS?

Here are a few ideas depending on your situation:

  1. Do you have any firewall enabled?
    Sometimes if you leave certain firewall settings on it might cause weird issues with DS (hangs, crashes,latency)

  2. Have you tried only re-running DS instead of the whole computer?

In the past Ive encountered some laptops/DS that constantly needed to be restarted when the roboRio reboots, it might just be the case for this laptop you are having a problem with

  1. Is ipv4 DHCP enabled on both computers?

I’ve had problems connecting to the roborio to the computer twice if DHCP is disabled

  1. Is your wifi adapter disabled on both computers?

When wifi is disabled it can help your computer connect to your roborio quicker

Let me know if you find anything new

Sorry about the delayed reply, both of our DSs are running the same version and settings.

Sorry about the delayed response, didn’t have access to the laptop over the last 2 days.

  1. I do have the windows public and private firewalls active on the laptop that is having problems.
  2. I have tried re-running the DS as opposed to the whole computer with no success.
  3. I have ipv4 DHCP active on the laptop that can’t reconnect, but I can’t speak for the other laptop.
  4. When you say disable the wifi adapter, do you meaning turning off wifi or disabling it in device manager?

Thanks for the help so far

1- Id recommend trying with the firewalls turned off, they can cause a lot of network issues with FRC softwares communicating with the robot. Ive also had my driverstation freeze every single time I tried to open it before while having dom/pub/priv firewalls active

4- Yes, I mean disabling the adapter as a whole in network center. In precious years it has fixed connection issues with the field so it might help you here.

On the other hand, Im currently at Montreals regional and many teams are encountering NT Connection issues which may be related in some way. Is your laptop’s format region the same as the other one?

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