driver station coding

is the driver station coded the same way as a regular vi? for example, can we use get refnum and indicators to display information the same way as you would on a regular vi?

Both are written in the same language, but they are using different parts of WPILib. On the robot, it is easy and fast to get robot values, but the joystick values have to be sent over with a protocol. On the DS, the robot values are remote, and need a protocol to deliver them to the DS. Once you have the values, things are roughly the same to loop, make decisions, etc.

Do you alread have the data pulled overto the DS?

Greg McKaskle

no, how would i go about doing this? i thought i could just use the refnums

The refnums are to the cRIO FPGA, or to other memory on the robot, and it would be pretty slow if it were made to work.

Instead, your choices are to use the low or high priority data, which uses the flatten and unflatten nodes. It isn’t hard, but it is easy to get wrong. The other option is to use the network tables – from FirstForge.

Greg McKaskle

can you post an example/link?

I googled for “frc dashboard example” and found good ones for both LV and C++. Ask questions if you can’t follow what they are doing.

Greg McKaskle