Driver Station CPU Usage

When using the 2013 driver station, we are not able to view the CPU usage accurately. According to the known bug list, the CPU graph has been scaled against the voltage graph. We could save our team a massive amount of time if we could somehow view the CPU usage as the robot was running In LabVIEW, I remember there being a “Get CPU usage” vi that we’ve used in the past. Does anybody know if there is an equivalent for Java?

If you are using a 4-slot cRIO, you may have luck using the NI Distributed System Manager.

Greg McKaskle

We’re currently not using a newer 4-slot cRIO, but we’ll be getting one soon. In the meantime, we’ve also been unable to get anything out of the DS Log Viewer. When we click on a log file on the right of the window, nothing happens. If we click “auto-scale” time, nothing happens, and if we manually type in the times/dates at the bottom of the graph, we don’t see anything. So how do we go about reading the driver station logs to view our CPU usage? Also, do you know how the cRIO calculates/sends it’s CPU usage to the driver station laptop?

The log file viewer is still in work. An improved viewer and most likely a corrected DS will be released shortly. In the meantime, perhaps you do not need to worry as much about the CPU usage. Focus on making things that work.

As for how it works … The OS on the cRIO, VxWorks, has commands for reading the CPU usage of various priorities. The FRC Communication library on the cRIO makes that call and returns the data to the DS to be displayed and logged.

Greg McKaskle