Driver Station Dashboard & Encoders

Is there some way that I can return values sent by 2 separate encoders and output it to the Dashboard on the driver station?

Also can I limit a spike (instead of 1 and -1 can I have .5 and -.5)

  1. Yes, there are functions in the framework for constructing a data packet to send back to the dashboard. I don’t have the tools on this computer to look up the exact functions… But then you haven’t mentioned your programming environment. You can either fit your encoder feedback into the current scheme so it shows up in the standard dashboard, or code up your own custom dashboard to display it.
  2. No, Spikes are simple relays, and thus only function full forward or full reverse. There’s no way to half turn on a spike without failing it in a matter of minutes.
  1. This is gonna sound kinda mean but I posted it in the NI LabView so I thought it was kinda assumed that my environment was LabView

  2. Mmk i was just wondering cause I don’t want the motors to move so fast that they shoot past the spot that I want it to stop at. But I guess I could just gear it down.

You shouldn’t be using SPIKE relays to power the motors. The KOP (Kit of Parts) includes two Jaguar motor controllers, which use a scaled PWM input to turn the motors anywhere from +1.0 (full forward) to -1.0 (full reverse). Should you find that you require more than these two, additional Jaguars are available for purchase by FIRST teams @

Victor motor controllers are also an option, which provide similar functionality, but are not included in the KOP.

Both of these can be easily implemented in LabView. In fact, I think two are implemented in the default code. All you have to do is select which PWM channel they are using on the digital sidecar (typically 1 and 2).

Why not?
Is that just a personal preference?

The only motors SPIKEs cannot be used on are the CIMs and Fisher-Price.

I should’ve been more specific I’m not using them as drive motors I’m using the motors as arm motors. Also we use Victors over Jags as a recommendation by our mentor.

Can someone check my dashboard code as I’m 90% sure it is wrong and I cannot test it right now. Its a link to my dropbox so that you can download the zip file containing the 2011 FRC Dashboard Project. (

I have 2 encoders (DIO 1-4) that display on 2 gauges and a numeric display