Driver Station Dashboard Problems

I accidentally deleted the default command “C:\Program Files\FRC Dashboard\Dashboard.exe” from the driver station command line, which is inaccessible after the mandatory update is applied. If it is somehow accessible I would really like to know how because the other option is to use the restoration key.

The updated driver station no longer shows the command line within the setup page. If the driver station is launching your dashboard, then the value is fine, and you have no reason to reimage. If you are wanting to figure out how to modify which program is run as your dashboard, it is saved into an ini file, all users/documents/setting.ini. That isn’t the actual name, but should get you there. The ini file has lots of settings for the drivers station including the path to the exe it will launch as the dashboard.

If I didn’t understand the question, please rephrase.

Greg McKaskle

the dashboard program is no longer being launched

I’m not sure what language you are going to use for programming, but LabVIEW has a template project that builds the same dashboard as was originally installed. You can also make modifications and move the EXE to program files. The dashboard EXE that the driver station will launch comes form the ini file, so either name the EXE to match, or change the file to match the EXE name.

Greg McKaskle

I’m having a different dashboard issue…Greg, maybe you can help me out.

Everything runs, and I can get the code to run on the robot but no data is being relayed to the dashboard. I’m running the 2010 Imaging Demo example from Windriver which I believe sends data back to the dashboard.

Not sure which language you are using, but the sample code form each was sending compatible data that could be displayed in the default dashboard.

Greg McKaskle

I’m using C++…hmm…time for some more experimentation I guess.

I get the same issue. In fact, the example out of the box does not work due to a lack of watchdog. After fixing that, the code cannot send an image to the dashboard on the driver station. Do we have to restructure how the dashboard on the driverstation interprets data through some way of accessing the driver station or is that off limits to the teams?

Also, it seems the 2010 Dashboard template given in Labview is of a different format than the driver station dashboard. I’ve yet to try reading the data with the dashboard on my computer though. I’ll try this tomorrow and see if I can get any data.


The default dashboard that was installed on the Classmates many months ago is indeed different than the game specific one that came in the last update and in the sample source. The sample source and the one from the latest update are the same.

Greg McKaskle

Download Dashboard Here.