Driver station Dashboard

This is probably going to be a big duh moment for me. But how do you get the part of the dashboard to show up on the driver station that displays what a camera see.

Which drive station dashboard are you using?

Ex.: default, shuffleboard, smart dashboard

Do you see the Dashboard at all?
Starting the Driver Station automatically starts the default LabVIEW Dashboard.
There are settings in Driver Station setup tab where this can be changed though, so if you’ve changed those it may be looking to start a Dashboard that doesn’t exist.

If you want to start the default LabVIEW Dashboard by hand, go to c://Program Files (x86)/FRC Dashboard

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It is set up in the labview dashboard.

You want it set to “Default”

“LabVIEW” is what you’d switch to when you start developing your own customized version of the Dashboard.

Team 5430, here. We are having a similar problem. When we plug a USB camera into the Rio and use the default dashboard it does not allow us to select the camera. It says no camera selected. and there is no other option.


The camera list gets generated by your robot code.
The default program has a call in Robot
It’s called “Camera - Send to PC”

What model camera are you using?

We have always used axis cameras in the past. And they always lockup at competition.

So we have a couple of USB cameras of unknown (I’m at home) manufacture. They are powering up. But nothing on the screen.

If you are ever on the west coast for an event, Dinner is on me. The help you have given FRC and me in particular is immeasurable. Thanks again for all you do

This was a big issue last year due to some issues in the FRC image that made troubleshooting more difficult. Thankfully those have been resolved this year, but we still have this very useful guide from last season to troubleshoot camera issues. In particular, there are steps in the guide to test that the camera is working correctly without bringing in FIRST specific things like the dashboard.

I would suggest you follow this guide as far as you are able, and check back if you run into any issues.