Driver Station Delay

Our Driver Station responds strangely slowly to button presses on the joysticks. When watching on the Setup tab, there is often a (usually small but) noticeable delay between when a button is pressed on a joystick and when that joystick’s name turns blue and asterisks appear next to it. This is usually followed by a similar delay between when the DS acknowledges a button press and when the robot responds to it.

Make sure that you aren’t running multiple driver stations on the same computer. This is usually done accidentally by Fast User Switching. The new DS update will prevent this BTW.

If you aren’t sure, reboot the classmate going directly to the driver account. If it still happens, can you quantify the delay?

Greg McKaskle

We tried rebooting the DS. It might have made a difference temporarily, but it’s hard to be sure. The delay varies between less than I can see to, on rare occasions, more than a second.