Driver Station disabling after enabling

After deploying code from VSCode and pressing enable on the driverstation, the driverstation disables automatically (no keys are being pressed on the keyboard) and the no robot code light flashes red despite it being green when clicking enable. How would I go about solving this.

This generally means that your code is crashing. Check your code and see if any lines might be causing this. Comment out those lines and try deploying again.

I’ve had an issue with similar symptoms,
With the robot disabled, press enter and spacebar, then enable. I think one of the keys was “stuck” somehow. May or may not work for you also.

I’ve experienced this constantly on my computer whenever the driver station is running and your computer goes to sleep. When your computer resumes and you try to enable, the driver station quickly disables itself for whatever reason. The solution is to just restart your driver station and you should be fine.

+1 on this. That’s happened quite a lot to our team.

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Restarting the driver station usually fixes this problem for us.

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We have also seen this when a programmer switches from one robot to another, or switches between USB, Ethernet, and Wifi. The DS needs a restart for both cases.

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