Driver Station Error

I have spent the last few weeks trying to get our robot from last year to run for demonstrations. The Driver Station keeps giving me an error where the diagnostics say the robot is connected, but it does not have communications. I have tried rebooting, tethering, updating the driver station, and re imaging the cRio. The computer IP ends in 5, I can ping the robot both wirelessly and tethered, and I have good router communication. I even tried deploying code, and it seemed to work! I have no idea what is going on. Please Help!

What language are you using?
Have you downloaded default code?

If the Communications light isn’t green, but the robot diagnostic ping is green, the your IP address is correct, but the FRC communication code isn’t running on the cRIO.

One thing that this can be due to is a user code crash, so testing with default code can be a useful diagnostic step.

Other useful information can come from watching the console dump as the cRIO boots up. NetConsole (installed as part of the FRC tools installation) can be used.

Another thing that can cause this is having the “NO APP” switch turned on. It’s an easy thing to check on an 8-slot cRIO.