Driver Station Force Quits

I’m having some issues with the Driver Station on a development laptop- every time I open the Driver Station, it force quits. It dosen’t always fail at the same point: sometimes it will stop before opening up the dashboard, sometimes after, sometimes it it will show our team number, or xxyy, or occasionally stop at 2*. it dosen’t matter weather it’s connected to a robot or not.

This computer didn’t have this issue last year, or the only point earlier this season it was opened, which was a quick test to prove it was seeing the kinect. I have all 3 updates.

I can’t find anyone else having this issue, online or on the other computers on our team. I argued with it for several hours yesterday, and got nowhere. I’m rather frustrated. I want to give it a large does of gravity: take 20 feet and call me in the morning. If someone can offer any assistance, I would be really grateful. Thanks ~Dev

This is the first I’ve heard like this in a few years.

Can I get more details on the computer and OS info?

At startup, the DS makes calls out to netsh and a few other command line tools to update the IP address, open firewall exceptions for various things, and build a repair script. I’d first try to rename the users/public/documents/FRC/FRC DS Data Storage.ini file and launch the DS again to see if the file was corrupt. Then next thing I’d try is to modify the file to set the various NIC entries to <noNICConfig> one at a time.

Please let me know if any of these seem helpful.

Greg McKaskle