Driver Station Formatting Broken

Hello, we have been using the custom tab of our driver station this year and it has been going well until unfortunately yesterday I opened it up and it is completely broken. The formatting of the screen is completely broken and unusable, and without this, our robot cannot function at all. I have attached an image of what the formatting error looks like but no matter what I do it remains broken. I have created a new project and pasted our code into it but it still is broken when I reopen the driver station. We use LabView and we really need to get this fixed before we leave for the competition tomorrow.

Did you create your own Dashboard project?
This looks like the Dashboard was accidentally modified to reposition the windows, then built.

Three ways to test:

  • Create a new default Dashboard project to see that the default positionings work.
  • Switch back to the original default Dashboard using the DS Setup tab (this is if you didn’t destroy the Default Dashboard)
  • Open your Dashboard project and reposition the window to fit into the original format, including where the window borders are left, e.g.,

Resizing the window in any way will define how the window looks when built.

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