Driver Station hang

Hey guys, so our team has faced a small dilemma with the new driver station: It hangs on startup. Whenever we open up the driver station, it just hangs and does nothing. The laptop is the Dell Latitude D630, and it runs Windows 7 x86. Any help for a fellow team member? Thanks for any help in advance.

If it just hangs no matter what, maybe try running it as an administrator? If that doesn’t work, maybe try reinstalling the updates?

If you open task manager, what does it show as the CPU usage of the DS? Does it claim that it is not responding?

I tracked a strange issues relating to web browsers being open or installed and web server proxys and never got to the bottom of it except to file a bug report to a coworker. The general symptom was that the launch of the DS would hang at certain points. It would eventually succeed and work fine after launch. Please let the DS launch for a minute or so and see if it completes.

If it starts working, please post info that you think contributed to it. If you have no luck, please go to and get in contact with technical support.

Greg McKaskle