Driver Station Help

Ok, so the problem we are having right now is that our Driver Station doesn’t boot up, it stays as a blue blank screen so we can’t even re-flash it, or do anything to it. Please give us information on what to do, please help we need this to work to continue on our robot. Thank you very much.

since i am not certain of the exact problem go to here and then look though the control system manual. the sections of it that would be of the most help to you would be 2.2.4 through the rest of that document which explains how to set the drivers station up and test it, 3.1.5 which explains about the software for it and 3.1.6 which explains the inputs and much more importantly the outputs of the drivers station. Since i don’t know exactly what is going on with your drivers station I can’t be more specific unfortunately.

I was able to figure it out…thanks

your welcome

2518 ftw!
ok this is carlos equihua
our team 2518 have a type of vertical convier belt on out robot to pick up the balls, but we have problems when they try going up
we tried hooks(didn’t work) but we tried velcro and that worked but we don’t know if that interfears with some of the rules can someone plz help us?
if you know anthing call or reply!
#! —> (651)-306-7106 at 3:00pm.- 4:30pm. central time! (O_O)

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as far as i can tell it doesn’t break any rules.

The only way it would would be if it damaged game objects routinely.