Driver station installation problems

Hey every one, while updating to the new driver station we have had numerous problems getting it to work, we keep getting this error api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll is missing or something along those lines. I have attempted copying the whole update suite, downloading online, and even disk installation nothing works. Little bit of googling suggested an OS incompatibility, which does not seem right. The install worked fine on my personal windows 10 laptop, but our drive computer is a Windows 7. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

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That .dll comes in a Windows update.
Run Windows Update on the PC for a few days until it stops finding more stuff to update.

If you run into Windows update taking a long time (days) to update packages, this procedure may help:


(1) Download the following updates for windows 7:
for 32-bit

for 64-bit

(2) Stop ‘Windows Update’ from the Service Manager

Type 'services' in the windows start menu search box.
Launch 'services'
Find 'Windows Update' in the service list and stop it.

(3) Install Windows6.1-KB3020369 by running it to see if it is needed or not.

(4) If it was needed, after the reboot, do step (2) again.

(5) Install Windows6.1-KB3172605.


(6) Run ‘windows update’, check for and install any important updates, repeat until there are none left.

(7) Run ‘Uninstall Programs’ from the Control Panel

select 'Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable', x86 and x64 each and uninstall them

select 'National Instruments Software' and uninstall all products as well.

(8) Install Driver Station (C++/Java) or NI Labview

I haven’t needed to uninstall anything, just apply the Windows updates.

Is there a reason you found you had to uninstall those products?

Problem solved it was Microsoft visual studio. It needed an update.